What is the Temporary Library of Norwegian Media Art including?

– All publications must be published in Norway, or belong to a specified Norwegian media art project; that is performed/produced in Norway, made by a Norwegian/based in Norway artist, or dealing specifically with the Norwegian media art scene.

– Publications included must describe works of art that beyond doubt belong to the artistic and aesthetic category of media art, i.e. using electronic, digital, interactive media/technologies or particularly experimental art forms that clearly relate to, or is the offspring of, the media art scene.

– With publications are meant all kinds of physical publications, with or without ISBN. It can be books, pamphlets, magazines, journals, art catalogues etc.

– Not included are publications describing artworks that already belong to an obviously different art historic or academic category.

A note on the library classification
Several ways of organizing the library have been considered. The concept behind the temporary library prescribes no particular way of doing it. As far as possible the books are listed and grouped by publisher. Individual books are more or less listed in random order.